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bright new kitchen with high contrast counter and cabinets. Look closely before making an offer.

What Should You Check Before Making An Offer On Your Next House?

So, you are home shopping, have found ‘The One,’ and you’re ready to make an offer. Are you sure you know what you’re doing? I mean, of course you know that you plan to make an offer, but do you know what comes with the house that you think you are ready to buy? The …

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How To Prepare Your Home For Winter

It’s That Time Of Year Again Winter officially begins on Thursday, and if you haven’t already winterized your home, it’s time to take action. Follow these steps to keep the comfort in, keep the cold out, and ensure your family’s safety. The energy cost savings doesn’t hurt, either, so get to it!   Seal Drafty …

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Wall Street Journal & Forbes: It’s Time to Buy A Home

We believe very strongly that now is the time to buy a home. Some will say we are just saying this to create real estate transactions and commissions. Because of that, today we will quote what those outside the real estate profession are saying to the people who look to them for financial advice. The Wall …

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Americans Still Believe in Homeownership – Fannie Mae Survey

  Despite Americans’ pessimistic attitudes about the economy, 69 percent of the Americans surveyed in Fannie Mae’s Monthly National Housing Survey believed that it is still a good time to buy a home. It was the fourth time in the last year that 69 percent or more of the respondents felt that way. However, that …

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