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Mortgage Applications Rise 4.1% According to Most Recent Data

The Mortgage Bankers Association reported a 4.1% increase in mortgage applications from the prior week.

Steve Remington, Benchmark’s Chief Operations Officer, noted that the increase in applications could be a consumer response to the recent trend in the market, indicating a shift from the prolonged period of low interest rates.

“Mortgage Bankers Association Data indicates a slight uptick in refinances for people who might be trying to take advantage of these lower interest rates. We don’t foresee doom and gloom with rates skyrocketing, but we do see an upward pressure of interest rates in the short term,” says Mr. Remington.

He also suggests that people in the process of building a home, or looking to build a home, may wish to consider looking at options to lock in their interest rates early. “If you are building a house and it takes 6-12 months to build, you might consider seeking a long-term lock option that Benchmark may be able to offer.”

You can read the full report from the Mortgage Bankers Association here.