Steve Remington of Benchmark Named New TMBA President

April 26, 2022 – Steve Remington, Benchmark’s C.O.O., was sworn in as the 2022/23 President of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association last month at the TMBA Annual Convention in Austin, TX. 

The TMBA’s membership is the largest in the nation, made up of mortgage bankers, banks, credit unions, attorney firms, vendors, technology firms, and more. Remington joined the TMBA in 1998, reverent of the associations impact on legislation through legislative advocacy and policy making for the mortgage industry since 1917. Remington assumed many roles within the non-profit organization, serving on committees, boards, and projects, developing relationships with colleagues/friends he leans on for mentorship.

“I’m grateful for the tremendous amount of networking, and access to industry veterans whose careers span decades longer than my own that have been very successful in our business.”

“Their lessons in servant leadership have influenced my style of leading at Benchmark through flourishing times and moments of uncertainty.”

Steve Remington

Remington calls himself a student of the industry, and one of his goals during his presidency is to educate those in real estate finance, while attracting new members.  Leadership development is a personal passion Remington shares with the TMBA. Communicating and navigating challenges and issues on a national level to protect & prosper our industry will be high on his priority list as he serves his term.