Make Your Own Decorative Key Holder!


Do you love whimsical decorations? What about decorations that are also useful?

If you have ever misplaced your keys, you may have tried to assign a place for them. The plan, anyway, is to always know where they are (at least when you’re home). Did it work?

The best way to actually benefit from your new organization tool is to encourage yourself to use it.

You will address this problem in two ways.
1: You will LOVE the way it looks, and you will actually WANT to hang your keys.
2: You will make this new key holder YOURSELF. Who doesn’t love to take pride in using their own creations?


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For this project, you will need:

  1. A frame.
    Sure, you can use almost any wood (or plastic, composite) frame, though why not get creative? It’s easy to find vintage or upcycled frames in antique stores, or online. Find one you like!
  2. A screw driver.
  3. Screw hooks.


Prepare the Frame

  1. Remove any glass and backing from your frame. We want your frame to be free of accessories.
  2. Plan out and mark where you would like your key hooks to be placed on your frame. Remember to space them appropriately for your specific keychain.

Make the Holder

  1. Drill appropriate sized pilot holes for your screw hooks.
  2. Screw in each hook, making sure to be aware of the angle (don’t forget what they’re for).

Hang the Holder

Find a space on a wall near your entry/exit path, and hang your hanger!


With any good organization tool, it doesn’t work unless you use it. You have set yourself up for success by choosing a great location, making your key holder yourself, and using a frame that you love. Great job!


Can you think of other ways to use your new creation?

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