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Benchmark Is Making Waves: Best Company, Best to Work For!

Benchmark has been named one of the 50 Best Places to Work for by Mortgage Executive Magazine! We’re ranked #7 on average score! Additionally, Benchmark was named to the magazine’s Top 100 Mortgage Companies in America. We landed at #38 alongside some of the biggest names in the country. 64 of our teammates were recognized …

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Steve Remington of Benchmark Named New TMBA President

April 26, 2022 – Steve Remington, Benchmark’s C.O.O., was sworn in as the 2022/23 President of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association last month at the TMBA Annual Convention in Austin, TX.  The TMBA’s membership is the largest in the nation, made up of mortgage bankers, banks, credit unions, attorney firms, vendors, technology firms, and more. …

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NAMMBA Announces Partnership with Benchmark Mortgage

March 25, 2022 – ( Today marks the start of Benchmark’s partnership with the National Association of Minority Mortgage Bankers of America (NAMMBA). Benchmark Mortgage is a nation-wide lender headquartered near Dallas, TX. For over 20 years, the company has built a dynamic lending community. Their entire business is driven by focusing on relationships. They are …

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Benchmark Interview Series: Real Estate during COVID-19 pandemic

The current market is not the same one that existed only three months ago. Open houses are not as “open” as they were, and COVID 19 has impacted every aspect of the real estate market. We got with JD Tomlin, a realtor with the JD Tomlin Team (est. 2010) in the DFW area, to discuss …

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Benchmark Interview Series: Real Estate during COVID-19 pandemic, Part 4

It’s no secret that realtors work hard to create a great home finding process for their clients. For top notch realtors, this has not really changed. Restrictions have been put in place to ensure that visiting homes is done safely, and inline with the CDC’s recommendations. When home sellers have multiple people wanting to look at the house, Realtors will often try to access the house without their clients, providing a walk-through video, as well taking note of things the homebuyer may want to know about. This requires a lot of trust in your realtor partner, and borrowers may need to be ready to potentially purchase a house without actually stepping foot inside of it.

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Benchmark Interview Series: Real Estate during COVID-19 pandemic, Part 3

If you are considering listing your house for sale, you have probably considered the fact that people will want to come tour the inside of the house. This is where the realtor you choose can make a big difference. Photographs and 3D digital tours have become popular solutions to boosting your house listing, and allow potential buyers to see enough of the house that they may make an offer, site unseen. Realtors are also seeing that every protective measure is taken to make sure they enter a house with facemasks and sanitization before, and after, viewing a house. 

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Benchmark Interview Series: Real Estate during COVID-19 pandemic, Part 2

Home inventory helps predict whether it’s a “Seller’s Market” or a “Buyer’s Market.” When there are too many houses for sale, the buyer has the advantage. When there are not enough houses, sellers have the advantage. Home inventory changes based on location, so good advice in one city, may be harmful in another. No matter what inventory level your area is seeing, the important thing to note is that houses are still selling, people are still moving, and you can too! Ask your local Benchmark Loan Officer to connect you with one of their trusted realtor partners to get started today!

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Benchmark Interview Series: Real Estate during COVID-19 pandemic, Part 1

The team you work with matters! The industry has changed a lot, and working with an expert who can navigate the changing guidelines is more important than ever. Lenders today are dealing with constraints that have taxed the entire industry with challenges, including long wait times on appraisals. In some cases, some lenders are just not sending funds to close their loans. Ultimately, how long is the home buying process taking? Overall, transaction times haven’t changed very much. Benchmark has a team dedicated to making sure loans close quickly, efficiently, and on time.

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NO MORE will the veteran be taken advantage of. We have changed the way VA lending is done. We will always do right by the veteran and provide first-class service that ensures our veterans receive the American Dream of home ownership they deserve.

Announcing “The Veterans Homefront by Benchmark”

NO MORE These are the words that Benchmark has adopted when it comes to Veteran lending. Benchmark is proud to kick off The Veterans Home Front initiative which aims to do right by our Military men and women. The veteran lending space has long been a marketplace in which Veterans have been taken advantage of, …

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