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Sold on for-sale sign in front of house.

Low Housing Inventory Driving Values Up

Many people may have been watching home values steadily rise over the past year, and notice that it isn’t slowing down. Another Housing Bubble? Is this the aftershocks of 2008? Has sub-prime lending made a comeback as the Federal Reserve has hesitated to raise interest rates? Are new homeowners soon to be upside down on …

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2016 Mortgage Interest Rate Outlook graphic

Home Prices and Mortgage Interest Rates to Rise in 2016

Your home’s mortgage payment is based on the price of the home (minus the down payment), and the interest rate for the loan. Both prices and interest rates will likely rise in 2016. Home Prices CoreLogic anticipates a national 5.2% home value increase for the next year. The percentage varies by state, with WA, CA, NV, UT, AZ, NM, FL, and …

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